Exhibitor Manual

1. Standard Booth

Standard Booth (3m×3m), includes threeside walls, one fascia board, one aluminum desk, two chairs, two spotlights (60W each), and one single power socket (220V, 5A). The shelves will be constructed by the organizer. 

2. Stipulations for Stand Construction

2.1 Time for stand construction will be 08:30 to 22:00, December 1st. Any construction works later than the above time will be regarded as overtime and the exhibition venues will charge the related fees (please refer to the price list of the services provided by the exhibition venues).

2.2 The whole design of the construction will be determined and arranged by the organizer. 

2.3 Upon registration after collecting the badges, the exhibitors could enter the exhibition halls for stand construction. The registration centers at the exhibition venues will issue badges on-site during the period of stand construction. Before the date of stand construction, please go to the office building of the organizer for registration. 

2.4 Decoration and design inside the stand shall be arranged by the exhibitors or the authorized professional companies. 

2.5 Nails are restricted within the stand. Under no circumstances shall the exhibitor damage any configurations of the stand. Sticking items could only be used if applied in advance. 

2.6 It is prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive goods into the exhibition halls. It is prohibited to use inflatable pressure vessels. No lighting lamps shall be permitted to install in the standard stand. 

2.7 Operations that involve welding and open fire are not allowed within the venues. Cutting machines, electric saw and paint spraying machines are not allowed on the construction site. It is only allowed to assemble with finishing parts. It is not permitted during the construction to damage any fixed facilities or equipments. No nailing, drilling, painting, sticking or coating shall be allowed.

2.8 No warehouse could be installed within the exhibition halls. Please reach the transportation agent or service center on site for temporary storage. Please refer to the price list of services and leasing for storage. 

2.9 Special electricity requirements shall be approved by the organizer. Please refer to the price list of services and leasing.

2.10 The electric materials, facilities and equipment shall have been certified by the mandatory of the People’s Republic of China.

2.11 The exhibitors shall hire certified electricians to conduct electric construction and reinforce the safety awareness.

2.12 The reported electricity load shall meet the needs. Any consequences caused by the overload shall be shouldered by the exhibitors. 

2.13 The power socket shall be appropriately kept and used. Damage or loss of the power socket shall be compensated. 

2.14 Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas. 

2.15 The exhibitors shall comply with the stipulations and schedule of the trade fair. Except special circumstances, exhibitors could not dismantle the stand ahead of schedule. 

 2.16 There are service centers within the exhibition halls. Modification of the stand facilities or rental of the exhibit items shall go to the service centers to fill the application forms. The service centers will notify the engineering department to deliver the items to the designated stand. 

3.Custom-built Stands Forraw-space-exhibitors:

3.1 Exhibitors shall apply for the construction verification. The application materials including drawings of design proposals and construction plans shall submit to the organizer one month before the opening of the trade fair. After approved and issued the verification, the exhibitors shall start the construction. Modification shall report to the organizer immediately. 

3.2 Badges for Stand Construction shall be shown at the entrance. 

3.3 Site limitations for Dalian World Expo Center: Loading capacity and height limit of the site shall be considered during exhibit transportation, setting and operation. (Hall A: the maximum loading capacity is 1.5 tons per square meter; Hall B: the maximum loading capacity is 2.9 tons per square meter; Hall C: the maximum loading capacity is 2.9 tons per square meter; other areas of the site is 0.5 tons per square meter.  Height limit for Hall A is 7 meters; height limit for Hall B & C is 12 meters; Height limit for Hall D & E on the 2nd floor is 7 meters.)

3.4 Other limitation:No hoisting.

4. Security Measures:

4.1 The organizer shall arrange guards to take responsibility for the on-site security. 

4.2 Badges for exhibitors and construction staffsapplicable when entering the exhibition halls. The badges shall not be transferred.

4.3 During the exhibition dates, the exhibitors shall enter and leave the exhibition halls on time. 

4.4 The exhibitors shall check the items within the stand when arriving and leaving. Please turn to the on-site staffs and security if any problem occurs. 

5. Other Services: 

5.1 Business center provides photocopying and faxing, etc.

5.2 The organizer recommends hotels. 

6. Exhibit Transportation: 

The organizer recommends Liaoning Air Sea Worldwide Logistics Ltd. as the Recommended Transporter of Exhibits to provide exhibitors with services such as domestic and overseas transportation of exhibits, and customs clearance.

Contact Details are as follows:

Liaoning Air Sea Worldwide Logistics Ltd. 

Add: Room 2203-2204, Dalian Gold Name Tower, No.68 Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China, 116001

Contact Person: William Wang

Tel: 86 411 82750158 /82718866

Fax: 86 411 82719911


7. Other Stipulations: 

7.1 No dining is allowed in the booth. Please go to the designated catering areas. 

7.2 The use of fire is forbidden in the exhibition area.

7.3 Please contact the service centers for the rental of the exhibit items. After application, the items shall be delivered to the designated stand.

7.4 It is prohibited to bring reptiles, birds or beasts into the exhibition halls, unless they are approved as exhibit items or related to the fair or the performance. 

8. Organizer:

Organizing Committee of Dalian Import and Export Commodities Fair

 Address: Rm. 1106 Wanda Building, No. 9 Jiefang Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China

 Postal Code: 116001



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