Consuming Electronics & Appliances:Mobile Devices, Smart Home, Smart Household Appliances, VR & AR, Video Games, Sports & Fitness, Audio, Video HD Devices, Life Technologies, Display Technologies, Online Games & Home Entertainments, Product & System Solutions, etc.

Food & Agricultural Products: Dairy, Fishery & Animal Husbandry Products, Green Agriculture Products , Sweet & Snacks, Condiment, Canned & Instant Food, etc.

Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods: Apparel, Textiles, Silk Products, Kitchenware & Table-ware, Home ware, Gifts, Home Decorations, Festival Products, Jewelry & Ornaments, Furniture, Infant & Children Products, Toys, Culture Products, Skincare, Hair Beauty & Personal Care Products, Sports & Leisure, Suitcases & Bags, Footwear & Accessories, Clocks & Watches, Ceramic & Glass Products, etc.

Cultural & Tourism Service: Creative Products, Tourism Resources,Tourism Goods, Tourism Consumption, Tourism science and Technology (Intelligent Tourism Electronic Information Technology) , etc.

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